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"Reading about Philly's most trifling male Tony Jackson will have you hooked." - Customer Review

A Bestseller in Urban Fiction!
If you think you can do somebody dirty and get away with it, just because you didn’t get caught, you’re dead wrong. All of that dirt comes back to you one way or another.

Tony Jackson learns this lesson the hard way. Labeled the ‘asshole of West Philly,’ Tony holds no shame in having other women in his girlfriend Quanisha’s bed. There is little remorse after he knocks off a convenience store and beats the cashier with a gun. He’ll rob from his girl, his friends, people he doesn’t know and your mama. Whoever, he doesn’t care. And we all know that when you get money wrong, you can’t hold onto it for nothing! The question is when will Tony figure that out? Maybe when he starts getting his Karma instantly and mercilessly he’ll get the hint.

In fact, when will Tony get the big picture? That there’s no future in his game. Will a dose of ‘Instant Karma’ show him that not contributing to society in any positive way is guaranteed to get him a one way ticket to no where?

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your little brother, cousin or niece about this book. Tell someone you don’t even like about this book. Maybe they didn’t know that Karma’s a Bitch.

This book will give you a chuckle, a laugh - or at the very least a smile. It’s fun to watch a bad person get what they deserve. But don’t sit there and laugh at Tony without looking at your own self. Don’t forget, this is reality fiction - it’s bound to touch you personally in some way.

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Actual Customer Emails

"I REALLY enjoyed reading Karma's A Bitch, it was an EXCELLENT read! I was so sad when the book was over...I hope you write a part 2 one day!"

"Karmas a Bitch ...was the most entertaining book that I had read in a LONG TIME!! There was this... guy at the resort I stayed at and told me that I never took my head out of that book. The book was even melting because I kept it at the pool."

"...after reading just an excerpt of Karma is a Bitch, I ordered it on the spot and read that book so fast because it was that GOOD!!!"

"Karma's a Bitch is highly recommended as a creative and thought-provoking novel of just what can happen to an immoral and deceptive man by way of cosmic payback." - Midwest Book Review

"Karma's A Bitch is a fascinating read by J. Gail. Gail expertly illustrates the old adage of what goes around comes around...There were also some moments in this novel where I found myself laughing out loud. Karma's A Bitch is a real-life reality check for any reader." - RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

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